NRA Method*

Courses listed as “NRA”, such as NRA Basic Pistol, are taught according to the to the National Rifle Association’s standards for safety and responsibility. Upon successful completion of these courses participants will receive a certificate from the instructor signifying they have passed an NRA course. This certificate is recognized in all 50 states and is filed with the NRA.

Courses without the NRA title in their name, such as “Advanced Pistol” are taught according to our instructor’s curriculum, or are taught because the NRA doesn’t offer a course specific to that area of study. Each of our instructors are licensed by both the NRA and the North Carolina Department of Justice for a variety of courses. Some courses, such as NC concealed carry, are hybrid courses – meaning that the instructor is licensed by both the NRA and the NC Department of Justice. This course also contains the NRA First Steps as part of it’s curriculum, so students of Concealed Carry also get NRA credit for the First Steps course as well.

Why Is the NRA Method Important to our Classes?

It’s important because it defines what we can and cannot do, and therefore what we can and cannot practice within the classroom. For example, the NRA specifically prevents ever sweeping a firearm across a human being – even if it’s a plastic water pistol. One mistake, and we can lose our license forever. With that in mind, there are things we cannot teach in NRA courses that we can teach in others.The primary focus of our courses are to teach the three fundamentals of the NRA method – Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude. Once you have these three things mastered, or at least have a basic understanding of them, then you can move on to other courses we offer, such as advanced pistol – where we can run practice simulations with the students and can use real world scenarios to show things such as weapon retention, shooting on the move, and other critical shooting skills.

If you have any questions regarding what class you would like to take, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions we can.

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