S.A.F.T. Instructor Evaluation

You have been emailed this form because you have successfully completed S.A.F.T. Academy training in one of the NRA or NC Wildlife disciplines. PLEASE take a few minutes of your time to help our instructors improve our classes. We constantly strive to be the BEST instructors anywhere and we depend on your feedback to do that.

Don’t Pat Us On The Back If We Don’t Deserve It
The most important thing you can do is be honest. If there were parts you disliked, please feel free to say so and be specific. To be better instructors we need honest feedback and it isn’t always something positive. If you have a critique, we need to know what it is in order to make it better for the next students.

My absolute top goal for this course is for you to leave our classrooms and tell anyone you meet that you just had the BEST instructor and the BEST class you’ve ever been to. If we fail in that in any way, I want us to have the opportunity to be better next time. Every student that comes out of our courses has my reputation attached to them for the rest of their lives as a firearm owner, concealed carry holder, or registered hunter. If you don’t know something, it’s because we didn’t teach it to you and I don’t ever want that to happen. It’s dangerous for a student and it reflects poorly on us as instructors. If you can’t recommend us above all others, we still have room for improvement. Keeping that in mind, please be brutally honest in your answers to the questions below.

Your name is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. You should feel NO obligation whatsoever to give your name when completing this form unless you personally want to, so feel free to leave that field blank if you desire, but please try to answer the other questions with as much information as you like. (You can answer with one word, but we left room for you to be detailed if you choose.)

Thanks so very much for choosing S.A.F.T. Academy as your instructors for your firearms course! And remember, the instructors are here for you if you have questions in the future.

Warmest Regards,

Tommy Jordan