Support the 2nd Amendment: Don’t be a Total Dick.

EDIT: 3/30/2021: Two images were removed from this posting due to a threatening letter from a law firm representing the Associated Press.

Author’s Foreword: Mom.. don’t read this.

I can’t believe that in today’s world, with all the work that people like myself and others do to support 2nd amendment gun rights and SAFE carrying of firearms, that some people are so stupid as to think strapping on their AR-15 pistol and walking into a demonstration to protest gun legislation is the way to show their support!

What happened?

Some supporters of the 2nd amendment decided to stage a gun rights rally on the capitol steps in Washington state the other day. They picked a day when there was no legislation being carried out in the Senate building and congregated there, some with sidearms, some with signs of protest, to show their support for peaceful carrying of firearms. In my opinion it’s a decent, if not great, idea to march into the capitol of your state with a firearm to show your support as long as you go the EXTRA MILE to represent the rights of the American citizen safely and respectfully.

Later that same day, Lt Governor Brad Owen announced a new rule banning firearms from the Senate building completely.


 Lexein, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Can ANYONE in their right mind see why someone might be fearful for their safety when some pathetic excuse for a human being walks into a government building carrying a fully strapped up Rock River AR-15 LAR-PDS pistol with a 45 round magazine, carrying at low-ready?  Gee… I fucking wonder why people want to take away our gun rights! Could it possibly be because shitheads like Jason McMillan make us all look like wannabe extras from an episode of the Walking Dead?

By contrast, look at the unknown gentleman on the left, standing beside him. He’s carrying a pistol, apparently a 1911 style pistol from the cant and barrel, in a hip-holster and is present to show his support for gun rights. Meanwhile Rambo over here is gunned up with an AR-pistol, a duster, and a thigh-rig containing who knows what.

If anyone knows Jason McMillan, please pass this on: 
Shithead anarchist douchebags like you are the reason people want to take away the gun rights of the rest of us. If you want to show your support for gun rights, how about not INTENTIONALLY strapping on your $800 gun with $1,500 of mods added to it, specifically designed to compensate for a small penis! Put your “pistol” in a fucking holster you ignorant shit! And what the absolute fuck are you thinking walking around the capital with a 45-round magazine? You couldn’t possibly be a WORSE role-model for gun advocates if you drove up in a Bradley and decided to shoulder a fucking rocket launcher!

FIRST RULE OF GUN SAFETY, ASSHOLE: Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction! The marble floor of a government office isn’t a safe direction you asshole! In fact there probably ISN’T a safe direction in that location, so the responsible thing to do would have been to holster or shoulder-carry the damned hand-cannon, remove the magazine and walk around with the dust cover visibly open – unless your SOLE INTENT was to prove to any media there that incest is still alive and kicking in Washington state! Congratulations you stupid inbred piece of shit. You’ve successfully given the media people that don’t support gun rights a picture they can use for the rest of 2015 to show why the rest of us shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms. Boy I bet your momma is proud!

By contrast, here’s a mix of the good and bad

On the left is another complete and total waste of society’s resources. “Jason Bourne” over there sports his red and black racing gloves (which I can’t for the life of me figure out why he feels the need to wear) and a fucking gas mask! Yeah bro, way to support the 2nd amendment. What you did was just support the cause for legalized abortion. Go home and ask your parents to flog you until you’re sensible enough to leave the house without a diaper and a nanny in tow everywhere you go!

The ONLY picture I saw from the media that supports safe and responsibly firearms carry was actually this one above – if you can possibly tear your eyes away from the idiot on the left.

See the girl in the middle? She’s a young American I’m going to guess is somewhere between 16 to 18. She stands there as part of the protest with NO magazine in her firearm and the bolt removed. (If you look carefully, you can see the bolt in her right front pocket.) She came with her friends to show her support and she did it responsibly and in a way that wouldn’t scare the shit out of everyone she came across; a way non-threatening to police and government employees in the building, and a way non-threatening to civilians she passed by at the event. THIS is what responsible gun ownership looks like. THIS is what an intelligent protest for gun rights looks like! (I just hope she’s not dating the asshat to her right!)

To Lt. Govenor Brad Owen and the rest of Washington State:

On behalf of the rest of the sane gun-owners in America, we deeply apologize that idiots like this are what you think of when you think of open carry, gun rights, or supporting the second amendment.




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  1. The first thought that occurs to me when I see a photo like this of some idiot carrying a weapon in such a way that implies he is going to use it on anybody and everybody around him, is that this must be an anti-gun activist who is going to extreme measures to make pro-gun activists look bad. Surely NO pro-gun activist could be STUPID enough to think that this could be, in any way, shape, or form, helpful to his cause. If all pro-gun activists were like this, I would join the other side myself. Seriously, if I saw this guy out in public carrying a weapon like that, I would immediately dive for cover, call 911, and then draw my weapon and take aim right between his crazy looking eyes.

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