Welcome to S.A.F. T. (Safety)

Welcome to the Second Amendment Firearms Training Academy website. Our name says it all: S.A.F.T (Safety). We offer many classes aside from just concealed carry. We also offer certifications in Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, and more.

We created this program in 2012 to serve North Carolina and other states because we believe there is a huge need for classes that focus on safety! If we want to preserve the right to own and use firearms in a country that is constantly fighting to take away those rights, learning how to do so safely and with precision and confidence is key to creating safe gun owners.

It is our goal to turn out highly competent gun owners who are well versed in the practical knowledge of shooting, but who also live and breathe safety-first. Sacrificing proper knowledge on gun safety has caused too many accidents to count in recent years. We fully support everyone’s right to own a firearm, but we want to be 100% sure you have the proper training to carry with confidence and to safely use, clean, and store your firearm before we issue a certificate of completion.

We believe in a smaller instructor-to-student ratio, so we limit class sizes, offering our students more one-on-one time with the instructor. We believe this shows in our students’ everyday lives and in the way they conduct themselves with firearms after they have completed our courses.

Though we teach more than just NRA classes, we have made the NRA mantra part of our core teaching values for all our classes. You will hear the phrase “Knowledge, Skills, Attitude” repeated over and over in our courses. These are the three fundamental concepts indoctrinate into all our students. Without all three, it is impossible to be a responsible and safe shooter. With a firm grasp of these three fundamentals, a new and exciting world opens up to you.

  • Knowledge + Skills = an understanding of the process of using a firearm, how they work, and what they will do when you use them.
  • Skills + Attitude = gives you the commitment to using firearms with the respect they should be afforded all the time.
  • Knowledge + Attitude = clarifies your purpose for using a firearm at any given moment in your life.

When you combine these three, you acquire three new skills: Purpose, Process, and Commitment. Combining these with your training and repeated practice gives you the ABILITY to become a great shooter, and to impart that ability to others around you. Our goal is for each of our students to show their confidence and ability with firearms. You can stand tall, support your 2nd amendment rights, and do so in a manner that reflects well on fellow shooters. If these principles do not appeal to you, we aren’t the right instructors for you!

If they do, and we hope they appeal to everyone who comes through our doors, then take a look at some of our classes and sign up!

Classes fill up fast, so check back often if the calendar is full.