About Us

If you’re trusting your firearms education to a team, it’s only fair you know a little about the people instructing you.

Tommy Jordan (Chief Instructor)

I started S.A.F.T. in 2012 after my wife and I went to our own concealed carry class as students. We were both appalled at the lack of safety and general lack of caring displayed during our time spent as students. Absolutely no emphasis was placed on firearm safety, or on proper selection of a handgun, or when you should and shouldn’t shoot.

Our class seemed to be nothing more than a way for someone to charge a lot of money to a lot of people and crank out as many “certified” students as possible with as little effort as possible. If the education people received was anything like what we received it’s no wonder our gun rights were under assault in this country!

My wife got tired of hearing me talk about it and told me “Well, if you want to do something about it, do something about it.”

My wife and I already both owned our own businesses, so we decided if I was going to teach it wasn’t because we needed the money. It was instead to create the best training program in the state that I possibly could!

I spent the next three years under the instruction of some amazing instructors, chief of which was Larry Holder, a retired Marine who was also one of the most esteemed instructor-trainers in the country for the NRA. Since those days I have trained with and under a variety of disciplines. I’ve had the pleasure to work with former Delta Force, former Navy Seals, former and current SWAT instructors, Army Rangers, and Green Berets. If they offer it, I’ve probably taken it.

When we launched the academy it was with the sole purpose of creating the most KNOWLEDGABLE and RESPONSIBLE and SAFE gun owners around. And I’m proud to say that I think we do a great job.

Amy Jordan – (Instructor)

Amy Jordan, my wife and fellow instructor, has always enjoyed shooting recreationally. She’s been a bullseye with a shotgun since she was young and has a natural point of aim that most shooters are envious of. She’s one of those people for whom it just “clicks.”

Over the years as I started taking more instructional courses, her competitive nature surged to the front and she took an interest as well in getting better. It wasn’t long before she could out-shoot me on pistol. Today she can outshoot almost any trained individual you put her against, male or female, with both pistol and AR-15. Her double-tap routine with a pistol is… well, nothing short of amazing!

She decided one day back in 2021 that she wanted to teach classes with me at the academy. She had already sat through hundreds of hours of courses herself and has a distinct appreciation for what it’s like to be a woman in a primarily male-dominated field as as usual she’s a rockstar at most anything she puts her mind to.

She has a passion for teaching and seeing people improve. As an instructor, that is the moment you feel pride in your accomplishment. Taking a student that can’t hit the broad side of a bulldozer with a bazooka and helping them realize that they CAN be a bullseye shooter with just some simple instruction and some patience is something she is great at.

She loves teaching women’s-only classes but she’s just as good with the guys! She now travels out of state on occasion to teach in both NC and SC for women’s defense courses and firearms courses.

As far as women-instructors go, you would be hard pressed to find one that has trained as much with so many seasoned professionals (Delta, Seals, SWAT, etc).

What sets us apart – I hope

The thing about firearms disciplines that bothered me as an instructor is when people learn from one source and that source insists theirs is the ONLY correct way to learn. YouTube is a great place to learn to get killed. So many people out there have the “best way” to do one thing and their tunnel vision prevents them from learning or teaching other methods.

Once I expanded my training to working with higher-level firearms experts and instructors from different fields I noticed something they all have in common that many civilian instructors leave out; each of their disciplines is different because their uses are different. Delta doesn’t train like SWAT does. SWAT doesn’t train like Army Rangers. Police don’t train like Navy Seals. The scenarios and methods they use in their jobs are distinctly different from each other and each of them has their reasons. As a student wanting to soak up all the possible knowledge you can, the average person isn’t ever told that. Not EVERYTHING you see will work for you unless you have the thousands of hours of practice in that particular scenario and the conditions are perfect for that method.

All the seasoned professionals I’ve had the pleasure to work with have a similar thing they ask us to take away from their instruction. “Take what I can teach you and apply it where it works. If it doesn’t work for your scenario, throw it away and use what works for you. Learn my way today, but consider “my way” as simply another tool in your toolkit.

Learning the approach SWAT instructors use for pistol work isn’t likely what you need if you’re training to defend your home, or faced with the necessity to defend yourself in a crowded restaurant. Likewise Delta’s methodology of forward, combative, aggressive stance isn’t always suited to responding to a threat inside your home at 3 in the morning.

We are going to focus on educating you on what you need to know, give you the fundamentals to start off correctly, and then be there for you if you want to continue to pursue more disciplines with firearms. Making better shooters is what we are all about!

Here at the academy we primarily focus on Concealed Carry because that’s what most students want from us. Please know, however, that you can spend HUNDREDS of hours learning other methods as well, and if you want those courses or that one-on-one instruction, we would be more than happy to give it to you!