You don’t know what’s going to happen in the field. Whether it’s bullet trauma during a firearms class, or you pass an accident on the highway and happen to be in a position to help. Maybe you just want to be prepared for all eventualities. I’m the latter kind of guy. I like to be prepared for whatever might happen, wherever I might be. With that in mind, our guys at S.A.F.T. Academy have gone to work with a team of professional EMT and Paramedics to create a solution that works for us, and that won’t break the bank.

Dyna-med bag

Professional Dyna Med Bag

If you’ve ever searched the web for a BLS kit (Basic Life Support) kit, or a medic field bag, you’ll know the prices usually start around $400 and go on up from there. Yes, there are knock-off imitation products out there that you can get for cheaper, some as low as $79.00. I, however, am not willing to bet the life of someone in my care with products made from the cheapest vendor. Everyone in our team has a standard range medic bag they used to carry; something they cobbled together from salvaged first aid kits and added to as they saw fit. The problem is, nothing is standardized and no two bags are the same. After helping other instructors put together similar bags to my own, we found out that we’d invested somewhere in the range of $500 in a bag and STILL didn’t have the best supplies available if something went wrong. So, we went to the pros! Some of our instructors are also EMTs and Paramedics and with our input on basic needs they put together a field medical bag we all simply just HAD to have. That’s literally how it happened! Our Paramedic showed up with the finalized bag for one of our instructors and we all looked at it and said “We’ve GOT to have one of THOSE!” The best thing is, we managed to put together a kit that’s twice as substantive as what we were carrying for almost half the cost. I went to our team and asked them if they’d be OK sharing the idea here on the website with other instructors, students, and the general public at large, and could we sell it for just about the same price we built it for ourselves. It was a resounding yes! So, we are offering our S.A.F.T. EMT BLS Medical kit for sale. Everything we use in this kit, from the waterproof-bottomed Dyna-med bag itself, to the hemostats, band-aids, and saline, are medical grade supplies the Paramedics use in the field every day to save human lives. Each of our bags is hand-stocked to meet the needs of today’s world, and can be customized within reason for specific requests. (More of this, less of that, depending on your preference.) And, we still managed to leave room for expansion. No emergency kit will fit EVERY situation, but when you purchase a bag online from a lot of medical supply companies its filled to the gills with stuff you don’t need. Who REALLY plans to need 400 band-aids before they get a chance to refill their kit? There’s no room for anything else and you wind up leaving important things behind. We avoided that and intentionally left a little room in our bag for your own expansion, depending on your needs. We’ll even help point you in the right direction if you’ve got questions on how to better stock your bag, based on your needs. Just ask!

So, what’s in the bag?

We start by putting the entire kit in a professional EMT bag. This is a medium-sized bag with plenty of room for basic life support equipment. It has a waterproof bottom, so you can put it down just about anywhere and get to work in the field without ruining your supplies in snow, mud, or rain. The bag’s basic dimensions and specifications are:

  • 9″High x 20″ Wide x 12″ Deep
  • 11 adjustable interior compartments to organize your supplies (We do this for you when stock it, but you can change the arrangement if you prefer an alternate arrangement.)
  • 2 exterior zippered pockets for storage of bulky items.
  • 1 Mesh zippered pocked in the lid.

Feel free to search out this bag online yourself. Just the bag alone goes for $70-100 depending on the vendor.

Fully Stocked:

Unless you’re in the medical field, knowing what to buy and how many you need isn’t something you’re familiar with. That’s ok. Our professional paramedics are! It’s easier to show you than tell you how we stock it, so we’ve included pictures from one of our instructor’s bags. Here we go!

 Exterior and Carrying Handles

The exterior of the EMT bag.

The exterior of the EMT bag.

The exterior of the bag is heavy duty nylon in bright EMT red with the EMT Star of Life symbol on the top, making it easy to recognize by anyone, anywhere. No need to specify what it looks like in an emergency. Anyone will know exactly what it is when they see it. The exterior handle is durable and padded and the bag comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. The strap is removable if you’re storing it in a place where it might get snagged in a hurry.

Organized Compartments

11 Adjustable Divider Locations

11 Adjustable Divider Locations

This is the inside view when you first receive your bag. Everything is laid out in a neat and easily accessible manner so you can get your hands on what you need in a hurry. It is our suggestion that you unpack and repack your bag section by section when you get it until you can remember automatically what goes where. Being able to articulate “Get me the stomach compression bandage from the bottom left pocket” saves valuable time if you’re the one providing treatment or working on a sucking chest wound while trying to give directions to someone assisting you!

5″x 9″ Abdominal Compression Packs

5x9 abdominal compression pad Each bag ships with ten 5×9 inch wetproof compression packs for treating large wounds. Each is individually packed and is medically sterile.

Quik Clot Hemostatic Dressing

Quik Clot Hemostatic Dressing

Quik Clot Hemostatic Dressing

QuikClot® 4×4™ is a soft, white, sterile, 4-ply nonwoven gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that does not contain animal or human proteins or botanicals. Each QuikClot 4×4 is packaged in an easy peel foil pouch for aseptic technique and is indicated for temporary external use to control moderate to traumatic bleeding . This easy- to-use dressing contours to fit any wound, can achieve hemostasis in as little as three minutes, and is quickly removed or secured when desired. It is also x-ray detectable to ensure proper removal. That’s the medical description from the manufacturer. The short description is that Quik Clot is the most awesome thing to hit field medicine since the invention of the IV. There’s no faster way to stop a major bleed when medical attention isn’t immediately available than this stuff. It’s absolutely awesome! Each bag comes with two Quik Clot 4×4 bandages.

4×4 Gauze

4x4 gauze I realize there’s not much you can say that’s “REALLY AWESOME” about 4×4 gauze pads, but they are a necessity in every field kit, every first aid kit, and in every trauma treatment everywhere. We supply 10 4×4 compression sponges with each medic bag.


band-aid bandages Another good old standby we all need but that isn’t too hollywood is simple bandages. Whether its cuts, scrapes, pokes, gouges, or just to stop minor bleeding after an injection, bandaid bandages are something everyone needs. We include a full box in each bag. As you consume them, you can refill the box with any style bandages you prefer, or contact us for refills.

 Trauma Tools

hemostats trauma tools scissors All your main go-to tools are located bottom center for quick access all the time. If you’ve got a major gunshot wound, puncture wound, or clothing caught up in a wound, you do NOT want to try removing it with whatever dirty pocketknife you’ve got in your hand at the time. You will likely cause more damage to your patient in the process. A good old stand-by is a pair of trauma shears. They’re not fancy, but they ARE medical grade professional shears, not knockoffs purchased for a dollar at some surplus store. This is a tool you do NOT want to fail you. They need to work quickly and efficiently to grant you access to the injury so you can apply treatment until proper care can be provided. We also include two pairs of hemostats, a straight pair and a curved pair. These are much better at clamping off a blood-vessel than your fingers. If you have to use these, it’s a bad situation, but nothing else in your arsenal is likely to do the job. Most medic kits don’t include hemostats, but we find them to be essential. Purell hand sanitizer is a must. You’re not going to be able to provide a hospital-grade sterile field, but that’s no reason not to do your best to preserve the patient from any further infection from whatever bacteria or residue you may have on your skin when you begin treatment. We also include a pocket-mask in the event you have to perform mouth-to-mouth on a victim of an accident.

Roll Gauze

4 inch bandage roll Each bag contains four rolls of Kerlix Bandage roll, measuring 4.5″ wide by a little over 12 feet in length.

C-A-T Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet)

combat application tourniquet These little things here are $50 each, but they are the absolute best at what they do. In recent years, military vendors have taken to including CAT tourniquets in some of the advanced battle dress for our troops, and every field medic carries one of these with him at all times. The biggest problem with a tourniquet is that it almost always takes another person to put it on you. If you’re losing enough blood to require one, muscling your way out of a belt or rifle strap to make something in a pinch isn’t a one-man operation. The CAT Tourniquet is designed for one-handed operation by anyone. These are proven 100% effective in occluding blood flow from both upper and lower extremities. To put that in simple terms, they’re guaranteed to stop you from bleeding out 100% of the time if applied correctly.  It probably looks dumb to someone not in the medical field to have sharpie with your tourniquet, but it’s critical piece of information. The CAT tourniquet has an easy-to-mark label with the word “TIME” stamped on it. Whomever is rendering aid can jot down the time the tourniquet was applied. This can be a critical piece of information to EMS or hospital personnel, and the label and sharpie help ensure you remember to note the time of application.

Sam Splints and Medical Tape

Sam splints and medical tape   We include two Sam splints, made by MedSource. The Sam splint is a 36 inch rolled up 5 oz lightweight splint that can be applied to broken bones to enable mobility or movement until help can be reached. It doesn’t look like much when you see it shrink wrapped, but in reality it consists of a very thin sheet of aluminum surrounded by a thin foam padding for comfort and we include two sizes of medical adhesive tape to wrap the arm or leg with. It can be cut with standard scissors if you need to trim it down for a smaller application. It’s also waterproof and reusable.

Triangular Bandages

triangular bandage latex free Each bag includes four triangular latex-free bandages. These come in handy for a variety of uses, as an outer dressing, to compress injuries or fractures or sprains, and most often as a sling for a wounded arm. The dimensions are 40 x 40 x 56 inches.

10cc Flushing Syringe

ten cc saline flush We include five ten cc saline flush syringes for cleaning wounds. Each in individually packaged, medically sterile, and designed for one dose usage. Like everything else in our bag, this too is latex free.

Flex Bandage and Emergency Blankets (Space Blanket)

space blanket and flex bandage There’s nothing fancy to say about self-adhesive bandages except that you need ’em when you need ’em. We’ve included two in the kit. Each is 52″ by 84″ in size. There are also two reflective space blankets included. We carry these ourselves in everything from our medic bags to our backpacks, gun bags, hunting jackets, and just about everything with a pocket they’ll fit in. The blankets are a metalized plastic sheet, which can help prevent or treat hypothermia, act as a windbreaker, and can be worn as an emergency waterproof wrap. Importantly, their reflective property makes them easily seen from a distance, so use your blanket as an emergency signaling device. Since they reflect up to 90% of radiated body heat, they are also widely utilized in non-emergency situations as body wraps to keep athletes warm after a marathon or other sports activity. For these reasons, emergency blankets are indispensable and carried by Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) among other emergency disaster agencies.

Nitrile Gloves

10 pair latex gloves Many people these days are allergic to latex. For that reason, and for their durability over latex, we all carry nitrile gloves. The pack comes stocked with ten pair in large size. It’s not that we just assume we all have the same sized hands, but a smaller hand can fit in a larger glove in a pinch while a larger hand won’t work in a smaller glove. Often it takes more than one person to work on a victim and having multiple pairs of gloves handy is a necessity. Note: If you prefer a different size, we can modify this to Small, Medium, or XLarge at your convenience. Just let us know in a comment when you make your order.

1 Liter (1000 ml) .9% Sodium Chloride Saline Solution

1000 ml sodium chloride solution No amount of instructions on paper will prepare you to administer an IV catheter, but if you have the training and the know-how, being able to run saline into a dehydrated patient can save a life. We include one liter of standard saline solution with each bag. NOTE: We do NOT include a catheter or IV line with the medical bag. I know, it sounds dumb, right? Well, they’re very cheap to purchase online or even to pick up from a local pharmacy yourself. We, however, want to firmly remove ourselves from any liability in the event that someone without proper training (we all have it) decides to start injecting things into other human beings. A basic first-aid class or training from a local EMT or Fire Department might be available to you if you have the desire to learn. We want to include as much as possible to make this bag field-ready, but there’s just some things we have to be careful of.

 Sterile Multi-Trauma Dressing

multi trauma dressing The Medstorm Multi-Trauma Dressing is ideal for use in emergency and first aid settings.  These multi-trauma dressings are made of non-woven material with a highly absorbent fluff inner fill. These dressings can be used for treating burns, lacerations, and fractures.

Hot and Cold Packs (Ice packs)

ice pack heat pack These are not the microwave/freezer type bags you have in your home. Those wouldn’t do you any good in the field if you needed quick access to a hot pack or cold pack. These are chemical packs with the instructions on how to use them clearly and legibly printed right on each individual pack. We have included two hot packs and two cold packs. They’re great for helping regulate body temperature in extreme environmental conditions, or for helping with swelling, heat-stroke, etc.

Disposal Bag

Vomit and Urine Bag It’s called a “convenience bag” and if you’re the one cleaning out the floorboards of your F-150, you’ll appreciate the convenience! We include two wide-mouth vomit/urine disposal bags. They don’t leak, and they can be simply disposed of with no mess, no hassle, and only mild embarrassment. This is a must-have for ANY bag, but something that gets left out all the time.

Extra Stuff:

There are a few things not included in the bag you might have noticed. Here’s why.

  • Alcohol Solution – Federal regulations prohibit certain kinds of shipment for alcohol and related chemicals. We have to receive it via ground shipment and it would delay your order. We were thinking ahead though, so no worries. There’s plenty of room for a bottle of alcohol purchased from your local pharmacy or grocery store.
  • Alcohol Wipes – Same reason as above.
  • Israeli Battle Dressing – I personally love the stuff, but the authentic product comes from…. you guessed it; Israel and not everyone knows how to use it or would find it necessary. I carry two in every bag I have. If you’d like to order it, there’s plenty of room in your pack for it! You can find it on Amazon here.


 What’s It Cost?

Well, if you’ve done ANY research at all on medical equipment, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can’t very likely put together this kit for less than $500 anywhere, though I sincerely encourage you to try! Our prize for the S.A.F.T. EMS/BLS Bag is $299.00, and that includes FREE GROUND shipping to anywhere in the continental United States. If you’re overseas, we unfortunately can’t ship to you at this time. If the demand is high enough, we will try to consider it in the future.

Payment Options:

Payment is accepted via Paypal or via credit card over the phone, your choice.

Shipping Times:

Each of our bags is hand-packed and each of the items is checked for expiration dates, viability, condition, and thoroughly examined before being included in a bag. These aren’t mass produced products bought from one cheap vendor in China. They are professional grade products hand-selected for their suitability to a certain need.  Lead time on an order is currently one week, though we might be able to ship same or next day sometimes, but we don’t want to promise that right now.

 Ready to Get Your Own?

If you’re ready to join the team and have your own fully-stocked professional field medical kit, we’re making the offer available online now. It’s previously been restricted to word-of-mouth and local delivery, but we’ve had so much success with these and so many people clamoring for one that we figured we might as well go ahead and get it done!

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