Changes to Concealed Carry Laws

There were many changes to North Carolina Concealed Carry laws that went into effect October 1st, 2013 with the passing of House Bill 937. Concealed carry USED to be relatively easy from a legal standpoint. If you could open carry, you could carry concealed in the same locations. Not so anymore. Laws are becoming much more gun-friendly in our state, but also becoming a little more confusing. Of course we urge all students to take a Concealed Carry course, but if you would just like to peruse the new laws, we’ve added them here for download. (Requires Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader.)

Any students that already have their NC Carry Concealed Permit that would like to take the legal portion of our CCH class as a refresher, can do so for a flat fee of $30 as long as we have seating room available. Please contact us if you would like to sit in on the new CCH class to refresh yourself with the new legislation and how it affects you.