Private Lessons

NRA Instructor LogoIf you have a specific objective in mind, or goal you wish to attain, private lessons might be the right fit for you. Private lessons are available on a one-on-one basis, or if you wish to work with someone close to you, a two-on-one basis. Maybe a husband and wife want to advance their skills together.  Some people are simply more comfortable without a crowd of strangers such as they would experience in the classroom environment. Private lessons offer you certified instructors dedicated solely to you!

If you would like to register for private lessons, our instructors can work around your schedule. Lessons can be day or night, weekday or week-end. (Lessons involving live-fire on the range need to be daytime only.) With private or semi-private lessons you have our dedicated attention 100% of the time and YOU can determine both the pace and the content you wish to work on improving. Some examples are:

  • Introduction to handguns
  • Improving your shot placement
  • Rapid target acquisition.
  • Resolving problem areas you aren’t aware of.
  • Basic handgun safety.
  • Helping you evaluate your needs when selecting a handgun.
  • Field-Stripping, Cleaning, and protecting your firearm.
  • and more…

Prerequisites: None
Cost: $50/hour for one person. $70/hour for two people.
Course Length: 2 hour minimum, up to an entire day.


Looks like she knows her business huh? How many things can you spot wrong with this picture. (Hint: There are three mistakes visible.)

Firearm Restrictions:

Private lessons are not restricted to a particular handgun. Semi-automatic, revolver, double-action, single-action, etc. If you don’t have one yourself, we have a decent variety of handguns you can shoot, including .22, .32, 9mm,  .45 ACP, and more. You are responsible for paying for ammunition, but we can provide it if necesary. It’s up to you how much you want to practice using live-fire.


The beauty of private lessons are they can easily be conducted anywhere. If you live in an area that allows you to shoot safely in your back yard, that’s OK with us. (Standard Range Safety Protocols have to be followed at all times regardless of location.)

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