Why are .22 caliber the only caliber allowed in NRA Basic Pistol?

There are multiple reasons we don’t allow anything higher than .22 caliber for the NRA Basic Course to be fired on the range. First and foremost is the preservation of human life; our students and our own.

The Basic Pistol Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of pistol shooting, as well as provide a foundation of knowledge surrounding various types of firearms. To accomplish that goal with minimum risk of accidents, we restrict the firing range to .22 caliber.

A .22 pistol has little to no recoil, so it is easy for the student to focus on other things they haven’t mastered yet – breathing, trigger control, sight acquisition, follow-through, etc.

We currently have a policy of allowing (depending on time) a one-on-one session with the instructors after the course is officially completed. For $10 (cash only) we will work with a student with whatever caliber firearm they have, to get some practice time in with that particular weapon. We ONLY allow a maximum of two students on the range at any-one time during this time and this is ONLY done after the official course curriculum has been completed.

If you wish to bring your personal sidearm to the range, please leave it in your car until instructed by the Range Safety Officer or Chief Instructor to bring it to on to the range.

Absolutely no weapons enter the range in a loaded status. If your weapon was loaded by someone else, please notify an instructor and they will unload it the first time for you.

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